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Love Story by Taylor Swift is an example of storytelling in music videos

Songs have always tried to tell some sort of story in their lyrics even if the message or story isn’t the greatest ever. Music videos take this to the next level by allowing the song to be translated into visuals that can help flesh out the story even more. There are many different genres of songs and many different kinds of music videos to choose from.

In recent years, the story aspect of a music video has dropped considerably unfortunately. However, you still get a great gem every once in awhile that can just astound you. The stories told in music videos are always somewhat easy to follow – though some are purposely made to make you think – and usually just try to illustrate the lyrics of the song. There are many more factors to take into consideration though such as the mood and rhythm of the song. Some really great music videos don’t even follow along with the lyrics and create their own plot (especially if the lyrics hardly have a story to them.)

There are even music videos that are interactive. Allowing you to influence the way the video plays out will, of course, attract even more viewers if done in the right way. The music video industry may have declined creatively in the last few years but there are still people out there dedicated to telling strong stories in their music videos.