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A screenshot from The Last of Us (which belongs to Naughty Dog, Inc.)

Video games are known for putting the user into the action and taking control of a character to immerse themselves into a brand new world. The video game industry has evolved and grew in popularity over the years and is now at a point where it can influence the lives of people in different ways. The game-play is always a core aspect to take into account when trying to create a game but without an amazing story it can be hard to draw in an audience.

Storytelling in video games is crucial in some cases. You need to make sure that both the plot of the game as well as the game-play is enjoyable and engaging. However, you have to match the story up to the game-play as well. The two directly influence one another in many different ways. For example: if you wanted to create a game focused around an aspiring attorney you wouldn’t want to make it a first-person shooter game. The game-play should always suit the needs of the plot and shouldn’t break illusion of the world that has been created through the story of the game.

With so many different factors influencing the plot of a game, it’s hard to please everyone. The stories told in video games can be heart wrenching, thought provoking, thrilling, and suspenseful, etc. They should never be overlooked as a platform on which an award-winning story can be told.