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Credit to Mark Evans

I went into this course expecting to learn about writing stories for an online audience (as the title implies.) However, I learned a lot more than just simply writing them. The material taught in this course was fun to learn about and sparked my interest in learning more about creating both fiction and non-fiction digital stories. Without this course I probably wouldn’t realize just how much factors into the advancement of storytelling either.

While you realize that technology is advancing every day, sometimes you just go along with it and don’t stop to think about how older mediums adapt to the changes. It was fun learning how storytelling has grown and evolved as things such as video games, computers, and cell phones were introduced to the world. Traditional storytelling stills exists but hearing about how it is changing made me think about how I’ll influence its role in the future as well.

I will admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the course. While I struggled trying to incorporate if/then moments into my own stories, I learned just how much thought is put into interactive stories and how they weren’t as simple as I thought. Exploring and expanding on ideas to write about for this blog has broadened my knowledge of how much factors into a single idea and how that single idea can grow and change a whole medium. From ‘The Hero’s Journey‘ to here, I’ve learned so much and I look forward to learning more.