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Grand Theft Auto V is owned by Rockstar Games

A lot of people take an interest in the future of technology as a whole. Be it computers, smartphones, the next big social media craze, etc. However, a large portion of people interested in interactive storytelling are interested in the future of one of its main mediums; video games. The future of videos games and the future of interactive storytelling are closely intertwined together.

When you think of interactive storytelling you think of a world that immerses the user into it and allows for a wide variety of choices and freedom within that world. Fans of video games such as Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto, and Mass Effect want to be as immersed as possible within the world of the video game. It’s only natural that people who want a sense of freedom and escape from reality closely follow the development and changes that their platform will take. It’s these fans that will continue to take interest and help shape what interactive storytelling will become in the future.

As to how my blog post attracted them, it was probably because of how I tagged the post. Using a broad tag like video games attracted the main audience that my post was intended for. I wrote from my own point of view as a fan of these video games and connected with my audience on a personal note in order to attract new followers to my blog.