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Credit to Langwitches Blog.

Digital storytelling is relatively new but it is a bold and exciting new foray into the ever-expanding world of storytelling. While traditional methods of storytelling such as word of mouth, staged plays, novels, and films still exist today the world is pushing more into the digital world. In this digital era, storytelling needed to find a way to evolve and it did. Thanks to the variety of tools accessible to people, new forms of storytelling in the digital plane have become available to create content for. These new stories are also widely available to be accessed from any where in the world, which brings us that much closer as a global community.

Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are all forms of communities that digital stories can be published and shared on. These stories can range from traditional text stories to films and even interactive web-based role-plays that others can contribute to and participate in. Thanks to the necessary hardware and software becoming more accessible, millions of people now have the means to create digital storytelling content and then share their creations to the world. Digital stories can combine sound or music, video, text, and even animation together to create standalone or interactive projects to be experienced by others globally.

Digital stories are definitely the way of the future. This form of storytelling will continue to be nurtured and grow exponentially in various ways. The more people use the Internet or computers to create their stories, the more digital storytelling will grow.